Kingsford Timber Mitre 10 stocks an extensive range of hardware from nails, screws, brackets, adhesives and sealants, ropes, chains, wire mesh and gate and door fittings, to workwear, shoes and safety equipment.

Timber Mouldings

PVC Mouldings, Cedar DAR Mouldings, Porta Mould Pine and T/Pine
Bolts, High Tensile, Stainless

Bolts, Zinc Galvanised, Metric/IMP
Dynabolts, Masonry, Anchors
Gun Nails, Collated, Screw
Nails, Bright, Galvanised, Screws, Metal
Screws, Wood, Gyprock, T/Pine, T/Board
Adhesives and Sealant

Trade Adhesives, Fillers, Silicone Sealants - Roof and Gutter, All Purpose Sealant, Glass, Wet Area, Brick and Concrete, Selleys No More Gaps, No More Gaps Fast Dry, Butyl Mastic, Caulk Guns and Accessories, Foamjoint, Selleys Plastic Bond, Builders Bog, Selleys No More Gaps Expanding Foam, Selley’s Tarzan Grip, Araldite, Aqua Repair, Metallic Cement, Gel Grip, PVA Glue, Kwik Grip Spray, Plastic Wood, Urethane Bond, Porcellain Repair, Fibreglass Repair Kit, Spred Sole Shoe Glues, Selleys Liquid Nails, Sikaflex Swimming Pool Silicone Sealant, Bondall Bondcrete

Joists, Hangers and Post Supports, Pryda

Plastering, Gyprock, Adhesives, tools, Gripset Betta

Workwear and Safety Gear

Clothing, shoes, masks, first aid kits, safety signs, safety jackets, rainwear, gumboots, goggles, gloves, respirators


Hinges, Cabinet hardware, Gate Hardware, Door Stops, Knobs, Handles, Deadbolts, Keyed and Deadbolt Entry, Closers, Screens, Flushpulls, flyscreens, frames and wheels

Containers and Storage

Cupboards, Shelving, Hooks, Hangers, Brackets, Picture Hooks, Command 3M Hooks and Strips

Restraints and Protection

Shackles, chains, ropes, padlocks, tie downs, tarps